Due Diligence & Project Feasibility

  • Initial site appraisal and recommendations around site-specific restrictions and what this means for clients’ future developments;
  • Review of Council’s property file and advise around the implications for the client;
  • High-level project reviews of conceptual designs and associated recommendations; &
  • Project lead and Liaison with Auckland Council’s through a pre-application process

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Resource Consents

Our primary focus is working with clients, both private and public sector, in order to obtain relevant statutory approvals and undertake projects with a Resource Management focus. This involves advising you (our client) on recommendations that aim to exceed expectations of the project brief in a way that achieves positive environmental outcomes. As a result, our work involves significant preparation and a collaborative approach to ensure that all parties are satisfied. Once an application has been lodged with the Council, we are often engaged to project manage the development. This involves close collaboration with Council officers, inclusive of any other relevant parties, through the likes of request for information, during the middle of the process, or at the end when it comes to the negotiation around draft conditions. Some of the types of statutory approvals that we are experienced in, and are familiar with, are outlined below:

Residential Developments

  • Apartment Buildings
  • Greenfield comprehensive master planning
  • Terrace Housing
  • Infill development of varying forms


  • Esplanade reserves and waivers
  • Vacant lot subdivision
  • Comprehensive Greenfield super Lot subdivision

Commercial Developments

  • Industrial developments such as manufacturing, warehousing, and service yards
  • Mixed use development
  • Office buildings
  • Retail outlets, including wholesalers, big box retail, and small-scale retail outlets

Infrastructure Planning

  • Linear infrastructure projects such as wastewater, stormwater, or water supply infrastructure
  • Roading and public transport related projects
  • Outfalls and supporting structures
  • Telecommunications and power conveyance infrastructure
  • Waste solutions such as waste transfer stations, community recycling centres, and landfills

Regional Consenting

Whilst closely coordinating with the relevant technical specialists and consultant experts, we are experienced working through issues as they arise including the varying complexities of regional consenting and how this fits under the Resource Management framework. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Contaminated Land
  • Stormwater diversion and discharge permits where sites are disposing stormwater into streams or into ground via soakage
  • Stream works including
  • Industry and trade activities
  • Regional land uses such as earthworks, stormwater management, and high contaminant generating car parks
  • Water Takes, Diversions, & Dewatering
  • Coastal permits such as marinas, moorings, and jetties

Additional Services

Other Approvals

  • Variation(s) to approved Resource Consents
  • Existing Use Rights Certificates
  • Outline Plan of Works (Incl. Waivers)
  • Extensions of Time
  • Certificates of Compliance

Community & Mana Whenua Liaison

  • Engaging with members of the community or potentially affected parties to obtain written approvals or resolve points of conflict;
  • Liaison with iwi around resource management issues and work through culturally sensitive issues with relevant; &
  • Environment Court assisted mediation