About Elevate Planning

Elevate Planning is a dynamic planning consultancy derived from the desire to curate innovative and successful results for our clients. We are driven to achieve and deliver pragmatic solutions that effectively incorporate our environment, while at the same time offering a range of private, public, and community services.

We pride ourselves on clear and effective communication all while ensuring a “No surprises” approach throughout the entirety of the process.

With access to a depth of resource, Elevate is backed by years of experience in coordinating project components across diverse disciplines. This allows us to act promptly, mitigate risk, reduce costs where possible, and deliver client focused results.

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Elevate Planning specialises in securing resource consents and ensuring streamlined approvals for land development and construction projects. Our expert team navigates complex regulatory frameworks, providing comprehensive guidance from application to approval. With a focus on sustainable development, we help to facilitate a smooth process for clients seeking resource consent for their projects.



The experienced team at Elevate Planning excels in property subdivision services, providing tailored solutions for many different kinds of land division projects. Our comprehensive approach encompasses feasibility studies, planning applications, and navigating legal requirements. With a focus on maximising land use efficiency, they assist clients in unlocking the full potential of their properties through strategic subdivision planning.



Our experts offer comprehensive town planning services, assisting clients in navigating intricate urban development regulations. Our team manages rezoning, development applications, and compliance, ensuring projects align with local governance guidelines. We specialise in crafting sustainable, innovative solutions for urban growth and community development.



Maintaining effective and collaborative relationships with each of our clients and key stakeholders is critical to project success. This is why we place such value on ensuring your development journey is a memorable one from the moment you send us an email through to your first consultation and then project delivery. With a warm, open minded and objective approach, we are accepting of our client ‘s perspectives and do our best to accommodate all unique requests.



We recognise that there are often conflicting interests between client expectations and statutory limitations. The focus of our approach is to ensure a balance is achieved between expectations, limitations and opportunities. This is reflected in our approach to our everyday work ethic.



In an ever changing landscape, we are committed to staying at the forefront of planning and working towards achieving desired goals. We remain open to change, and embrace transformation in all its forms. We adopt amendments to statutory framework and resource management ensuring we interpret these changes to produce unparalleled planning work .